Formaldehyde Chicken Satay

June 18, 2012

Portrait of a satay seller with its customersPortrait of a satay seller with its customers in 1870, courtesy of Tropenmuseum

Satay, or sate is consider one of many famous Indonesian cuisine originally from Java. And then became widely in almost all regions of Indonesia. Sate is considered to be the national dish and one of Indonesia's best dishes, added with its regions specific ingredients recipes, different from my favorite original East Java satay that is only used peanut pasta with sweet soy sauce.

Last week, my mom was visiting my aunty house, and having a chat with her. After talking about family and etc., my aunt told my mom about her neighbour who live next door. My aunt's neighbour is a chicken satay seller. Couple of nights earlier, my aunt spotted her neighbour, was putting lots sticks of fresh chicken satay on a wood table, outside their house.

When my aunt saw the husband, she then asked him, Why do you put those satay, on your porch, without covered with anything?. Don't you worry about it. My satay won't smell stinky, he answered. My aunt then felt more curious. It's impossible for those fresh chicken meat, which are laid outside without even smell stink, and there're no flies come approach.

Still in my aunt's memory, recent local TV news about bread that was using borax as preservative. He might have done the same thing with those satays, said my aunt to my mom. Her point of view about satay then suddenly changed. She told my mom that she will never buy, or even eat satay no more.

My aunt's neighbour satay seller act was definitely scarred one of Indonesian most famous cuisine, in which I do really love most. As long borax and formaldehyde are easily to be bought in the nearest drugstore, this kind of practice will still continue. Though not all of satay sellers also doing those cheat thing, but we must be awared of it!

For the sake of our family, especially for our children. It would be better for us to cook our foods by ourselves, using fresh vegetables, meat or fish, which are chosen by ourselves, without any preservatives are added.

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