June 28, 2011

A woman went to the bird market, and saw a large beautiful parrot. In front of the cage posted price of $3. Wow. That's Cheap? The woman said. The salesman replied, Well, I had to tell you the story first. The parrot is ever maintained by a pimp in a brothel. So, sometimes he say a pretty dirty word.

The woman thought for a moment, then she decided to buy that beautiful bird. She took it home and hang it on the porch. She was waiting for the parrot to speak. The Parrot looked around the woman house and said, A new house, new madam. The woman was shocked, but then thought it was funny. Never mind, She said.

When her two daughters came home from school. The bird saw them and said, A new house, new madam, new sluts. The woman with her two daughters were offended. But eventually they can understand.

Moments later, her husband, Budi, came home from work. Mind out of the car & into the yard. The bird saw Budi and say, Hello Budi, see you again.

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